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I’m Marty Fletcher. I'm a published author, writer and blogger encouraging women to unapologetically live their best life by promoting self-love through my lifestyle and wellness blog coming soon! Click the button below to be notified when I’m live!


Hey, I'm Marty!

+the untimely death of a great sister-friend
+ ending of a relationship that I believed would work
+ failed plans
+ goals that never made it to fruition

I decided to create after searching for advice that hopefully would speak to me after experiencing a lot of loss and game changing situations like: 

About Me

--woah that was a mouthful. 

But I'm confident that feeling exhausted, defeated and overwhelmed--is not unique. Can you relate?

If so, let's go on this wellness journey together!

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How to Love: The Mixtape


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The Better Than Best Friend Guide


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Broken Whole


barnes and noble

How to Love
Guided Journal

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